Shezar : Applying  Knowledge
Shezar : Applying Knowledge
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Electricity Boards across the entire country including the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd, is installing digital energy meters for industrial consumershaving a load 20 HP and above, which has the provision of
showing the PF and insisting to maintain the average power factor above 0.90 for LT and HT consumers.

For maintaining the power factor according to the load factor, proper capacity of capacitors is to be connected. The value of capacitors to be connected varies with respect to load and its existing PF.

There are two ways to maintain PF-

1. Fixing of capacitor at the load end permanently or at the mains. Generally which is recommended for the fixed load like pumps, fans etc. and it is not possible for the load which has variations in the load and PF.

2. Power factor can be maintained by installing the Shez@r Automatic Power Factor Control Panel.

The APFC Panel has micro-controller based programmable controller, which switches the capacitor banks of suitable capacity automatically, in multiple stages, by directly reading the reactive load (RKVA) to maintain the PF to 0.99 Lag and works in the principle of VAR sensing. The capacitor banks may be selected in number of stages as 4/6/8 according to the load pattern.

It is imperative to install APFC Panel for all companies/ consumers with a load of 20HP or above to avoid penalties and enjoy the benefits automatically.
Shezar : Applying Knowledge
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