Shezar : Applying  Knowledge
Shezar : Applying Knowledge
Electronics Division

Shezar Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a world-class electronic manufacturing services and solutions provider.

Shezar Technologies Pvt. Ltd., with a deep commitment to customer service and supply chain inventory management systems, provides an immediate response to your most challenging PCB assembly requirements. Our success in the marketplace is a direct result of our ability to deliver and execute innovative solutions tailored to match individual requirements, while meeting the highest quality requirements in the industry.

SHEZAR ELECTRONICS DIVISION specializes in manufacturing mid-volume, high-mix electronic printed circuit board assemblies.

As a contract manufacturer, we provide electronics manufacturing services including contract design, material procurement, assembly, and testing to state-of-the-art technologies, bare board testing, and unit assembly.

SHEZAR ELECTRONICS DIVISION supports all types of circuit board assembly construction.

Traditional-based Through-Hole Technology continues to be the legacy technology preferred by many customers today.

We maintain top of the line production facilities to support this technology and will continue well into the future.

Using the latest advancements in technology processing for PCB assembly, including today's Surface Mount Technology,

SHEZAR ELECTRONICS DIVISION is the leading electronic manufacturing services and solution provider in printed circuit board assembly.

We are known for our superior service, on-staff technical team, available inventory, and the versatility necessary to respond to your most challenging requirements.

SHEZAR ELECTRONICS DIVISION’s purchasing and quoting guidelines allow you to take advantage of increased buying power throughout the product mix.

Design of Components
Sourcing of Components
Printing circuit board assembly
Final circuit board assembly
BGA mounting and re-working
X-ray solutions