Shezar : Applying  Knowledge
Shezar : Applying Knowledge
Industries Served
Global Positioning Systems are highly sophisticated, satellite-based system used for locating objects. Though its application started for defense purposes, this technology is now being used in diverse fields including farming, mining and transportation. Shezar Electronics Division has identified and exploited its capability to partner with OEMs in these sectors and has a proven track record of manufacturing some extremely complicated tracking and guiding systems for leading global OEMs. The highlight of our services is our turnkey products that include PCB assemblies and cable assemblies. We can build systems to automatically steer equipments, map terrains and perform other mission critical machine operations using GPS technology. Our end-to-end solutions include pre-production, manufacturing and post-production services along with a strong supply-chain management. The flexibility and scalability of our services and the their totality reduces the life cycle costs to a very large extent for our customers. Our world-class development facilities are complete with highly dedicated and skilled people ensuring that the end products meet customer satisfaction. Shezar Electronics Division has the capabilities and infrastructure to take care of complete logistics, including warehousing, shipment and distribution to the end market.
Industrial Electronics

Advancements in industrial electronics is growing at a fast pace worldwide and Shezar Electronics Division is progressing ahead of competition by offering ‘best-in-class’ manufacturing and assembly solutions by leveraging our expertise and experience in this area. We have the ability to rightly identify the challenges faced by the industrial electronics sector, be it digital measurement meters, semiconductor-based power modules, networks and relays, process automation machines, sensors, automatic switches or monitoring, testing and measurement instruments and provide solutions that improve efficiencies.

Our PCB and cable assemblies are manufactured to international standards and so are extremely reliable. Our flexible product lines help in streamlining production and matching it with demand, thus avoiding excess or dearth of products. We combine our broad manufacturing expertise with our experience to provide ideal solutions for either volume or build-to-order environments. Shezar Electronics Division can handle complete product life cycles including shipment and distribution around the globe and also directly to the end customer. Our manufacturing and assembly centers in different locations around the world facilitate quick response time and competitive pricing.

Automative Electronics

Shez@r is steadily emerging as one of the sought after providers of automotive manufacturing solutions and services for OEMs. We have the ability to provide precision electronic services that are custom-made for the automotive industry and integrate the innovative technology of the OEM with our quality manufacturing services. Our engineering team makes use of common design tools and methods to provide quick and reliable solutions. We can also deliver complete turnkey products that suit our customer requirements. The value added services that Shezar Electronics Division excels in are effective supply chain management, warehousing, logistics, shipment and distribution to the end-market. We offer cost-effective and quality services to all our customers with a quick turn-around time.