Shezar : Applying  Knowledge
Shezar : Applying Knowledge
Standard Products - OEM - Pump ControlPanel

These Panels are specially designed to protect Submersible and Monoblock Pumps from over-loading and short circuit. In case of three phase DOL and Automatic Panels, these also protect the pump against Single Phasing, Phase Failure, Phase Reversal etc.

Single Phase Panels : For control and protection of Single Phase Submersible-Pumps upto 5 H.P

Three Phase Panels : For control and protection of Three Phase Submersible-Pumps upto 10 H.P

Automatic Panels

For protection of Heavy Duty Three Phase Submersible - Pumps upto 30 H.P. These panels start the pump in star position and when the pump gains its rated speed they
automatically transfer it from star to delta position.

Shezar : Applying Knowledge
Shezar offers the following Control Panels as OEM
Shezar : Applying Knowledge Single phase and 3 ph.
Shezar : Applying Knowledge Range - Single ph. up to 5HP and 3 Ph. up to 400HP
Shezar : Applying Knowledge DOL, Star-delta, Auto Transformer start panels
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